Day: August 6, 2012

SAC member lives up to her name… Linda Strong!

You’ve seen her, maybe you are lucky enough to know her, maybe you are lucky/unlucky enough to get to workout with her. She only has one name, just like Madonna… her name is Strong. Okay, so we just call her Strong, her name is actually Linda Strong. But if ever there was a fitting name that would be it! This lady is a total beast! She works hard, she pushes herself, she sets goals for herself, she always comes to the gym, she’s positive, she’s not afraid to try things (new exercises, new equipment, heavier weights, etc), she never quits, she always gives 100%, she NEVER complains, she never makes excuses, and holy moly is she Strong!

Strong has been training with Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Brown for nearly 9 years now. Strong started with the first session of Boot Camp offered at the SAC and continues it today. In addition to attending Adriana’s Boot Camp class Strong, for the past nearly 3 months, is enjoying the full Progressive Athlete Training Program! That’s right, she trains with Adriana 5 days a week! Monday Strong works her cardio and sports conditioning with Power Bands, Tuesday and Thursday she enjoys full body workouts through Boot Camp, and Wednesdays and Fridays Strong joins Advanced Metabolic Conditioning to increase strength with basic barbell lifts and then shows the boys in class how to really work hard in high intensity metabolic workouts. This kid does it all, literally. The best part? She no longer has to do “cardio days.” She hasn’t done a straight cardio workout in nearly 3 months and she’s not even missing it. Strong has dropped inches from her waist, her hips, and her thighs since going all in with the Progressive Athlete and continues to make huge strides in strength and overall fitness.

If ever you need inspiration, look no further. Everyone she works out with are constantly in awe of her strength, power, conditioning, and super work ethic. She’s quite and hard working, she sweats and always starts and ends class with a smile on her face. She’s nothing short of amazing and she definitely is reaping the benefits of her hard work!

“Congrats Strong on all your effort and determination. You are doing amazing, keep it up, you are an inspiration!” ~ Personal Fitness Trainer, Adriana Brown