You can never be too safe in the water

You can never be too safe when it comes to being in or on the water. Do you like to jump in the water off a dock, boat or cliff? Can you see the bottom? If the answers are yes and then no, then make sure you follow these safety techniques. Always look before you leap, you say “I’ve jumped or dove off of this dock or cliff before, I will be okay”. With the change in our waters from climate change, storms that brought in new debris or the time of year contribute to what dangers may lurk at the bottom of any water. First of all never dive or jump into unknown waters. Swim around the area you are planning to make the plunge in. Check it out for anything that may harm you. Make sure the water is deep enough compared to the height you are jumping from.

If you are jumping from any height be careful as to how you are going to land. If you hit water wrong it can feel like you just landed on cement and cause just as much damage. The best way to jump is cross your arms over your chest, cross your feet at the ankles keeping your legs straight and hold on tight. Once you hit the water open your arms and push down then kick. This will bring your back to the surface and you will be ready to go again! Have fun but be SAFE. Nothing can ruin a good time more than needing to have the paramedics come take you to the hospital or worse the morgue.



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