Day: June 22, 2012

Metabolic Conditioning Workout

Summer is approaching fast! Get your mind and your body right for the warmer months! Whether you’re getting ready for a marathon, squash tournament or bikini competition conditioning is one of the most important elements to building cardiovascular fitness as well as added calorie burning. Try this metabolism boosting interval workout to help give you a little extra push!

  1. Begin with 5 sets of abs at 12-20 reps.
  2. Stepmill : 5 min at 75spm
  3. Rowing machine: 4x200m sprint at resistance 6 with 1 min rest in between
  4. Stepmill: 5 min at 85spm
  5. Rowing machine: 4x100m sprint at resistance 8 with 30 sec rest in between
  6. Box push: 4x30yds
  7. Bike: 10 min at Level 4 sprinting every other minute at double the resistance.
  8. Cool down for 5 min at light resistance!

Going into the gym with a plan will help guarantee you make the most out of your workout! Don’t cheat yourself, beat yourself!