Day: June 1, 2012

Staying Motivated in Relation to Running

  1. 5 min rule – if you don’t feel like running, but know you should, tell yourself you will just go out for 5 min. Regardless of how unmotivated you are, go outside and run. If you feel better after 5 min… keep going, if you still feel lousy, head back…you know you tried.
  2. The mental block – you are exhausted mentally and physically…or your just not sure how you are feeling… but often, it is just mentally…apply the 5 min rule!
  3. Go early… If you are finding the evening runs are challenging…rearrange your schedule and get up earlier… it will relieve that extra stress you always have on yourself by the end of the day.
  4. Find a friend… when someone is counting on you… you show up!
  5. Run a different route… switch up your routes to eliminate boredom (running the streets)
  6. Get off the treadmill
  7. Set training goals… running a certain numbers of miles each week, time goals, etc.
  8. Focus on your long term training goals… (hanging on the fridge)…think about what lies ahead (the race) think about the excitement of race day and all you have accomplished along your journey thus far.