Day: April 2, 2012

Take Your Exercise from the Pool to the Slopes

Water Aerobics is not just exercise… it’s making friends too. I had the pleasure of going Cross Country skiing for the first time with 3 of the water aerobics participants on March 9th. We went to the Cabin Creek area it was a beautiful sunny day on the other side of Snoqualmie pass. Cindy Shurtleff, Paul and Jean Henderson made the trip a blast. Once we had a boot repair done (duct tape is great for everything) we were off. I fell a few times and as I discovered later, came out with various bruises to prove it. As I say “No blood, no foul! Get up and stride it off”.

A few things learned by the group:

  1. Don’t roll your ankle out, that’s how you catch an edge and then it is all over, your body meets the hard pack snow.
  2. Cindy is an awesome teacher, thanks Cindy!
  3. Paul and Jean dealt with a minor boot malfunction quite well. Paul must have been a boy scout he was well prepared for anything.

My water aerobics class is planning another outing, my first time snow shoeing hopefully soon.