5 Benefits of a Kettlebell Workout

  1. The solution for busy people
    Busy people want the biggest bang for the buck. Kettlebells can be the solution to trying to squeeze cardio, strength AND flexibility training in an already overbooked schedule.
  2. Greater fat loss
    Fat gets the ol’ one-two-three punch. First, there is the extremely high metabolic cost of throwing the weight around. Second, it’s a strength training workout creating dense muscle mass, which burns calories from fat stores all day long while increasing your resting metabolism. There is no better way to burn fat. This is why sprinters have ripped muscles and marathon runners have a skinny look.
  3. It’s enjoyable
    Let’s face it, most exercise is boring. Kettlebell training is quick and enjoyable, which is one of the reasons you’ll stick with it.
  4. Helps low back pain
    The glutes and all the hip muscles are strongly emphasized by KB training. Not only do they get much stronger, they wake up and start participating in your movement. Mechanically, if you’re not firing your glutes when you lift or extend your hip, you are compensating by overusing your lower back muscles. The low back muscles were NOT intended to do the job of your glutes. Your body learns a more correct, much more powerful movement pattern that helps everything you do — and your low back stops complaining.
  5. Develop core strength
    Kettlebells require you to engage the core in almost every lift. Kettlebell’s have a reputation for strengthening backs and abs like nothing else before.



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