Day: February 3, 2012

ZONING: The Gateway to Heart Rate Training

Start 2012 by knowing your heart muscle, how it responds, on an emotional, physical and performance fitness level using a heart rate monitor. Make it a long term, lifetime of fitness,
to heart creating the aerobic base.

Meet, ZONING, the Fitness in a Blink program by Heart Zones USA. This program is a three heart zones training system created by Sally Edwards, MA, MBA to make cardio exercise easy, individualized, and well, more fun. Sally Edwards is the founder of Heart Zones USA, is a Triathlete Hall of Fame inductee, finisher in 16 Ironman triathlons, author of 24 books, many based on the use of cardio training using heart rate monitors and much more. Sally cares deeply about America and well, the world to be fit. Sally had great success with Heart Zone Training, but found it was to complicated, percentages, absolute numbers, 5 different zones, measurement of load, complicated expensive devices and that word “athlete.” Sally took it one step easier for the non-athlete and designed ZONING. ZONING is universal. It works with all movement activities, not just running, biking, or the latest fitness fad. The activity does not matter. What matters is keeping your intensity at the appropriate level in the appropriate zone for benefits you want to achieve.

ZONING is all about the individual’s fitness level, not age or percentages of maximum heart rate. ZONING is all about controlled threshold heart rate measuring. Zoning is dependent on the metabolic response to exercise stress and is sometimes referred to as “metabolic training”. Threshold heart rates are dynamic – they change aerobic capacity or aerobic fitness level. Using a heart rate monitor, applying the individual field test for the Threshold 1 and Threshold 2 tests. As you get fitter T1 or the Top of the Blue Zone” and the T2 or “Top of the Yellow zone” heart rate numbers change. BLINK heart rate monitor was designed for ZONING to blink in the color, (blue, yellow and red) set zones for the individual.

ZONING follows 3 steps
1. TIMING: 5 warm up – 20 minutes ZONING – 5 cool down = 30 minutes per workout
2. EFFORT (Blue, Yellow, Red)
3. Change it up (VARIETY)

A zone simply represents a range of intensity.
ZONING includes three zones: easy Blue, moderate Yellow and hard Red.
What occurs inside each of the zones is different. To obtain the full benefit of cardio activity is by spending time in Blue, Yellow, and Red zones. Why and when you train in each zone is an important factor in your fitness efforts. For ZONING to work, implement all 3 steps. .

BLUE ZONE: “Can I speak comfortable?” YES means “BLUE.”
Blue is ideal for beginners because it is fun and comfortable. Achieve cardiovascular benefits, burn some fat, and obtain a clear sense of accomplishment. The easy blue is always the warm-up and cool down zone. It is also the recovery zone to catch the breath between intense hard efforts and high intensity workouts.
BENEFITS: positive shift in overall health, heart grows stronger, weight can stabilize, muscles tone, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate and achieve more energy.

YELLOW ZONE: “Can I speak comfortable?” “I don’t know” or “not sure” means “YELLOW .”
Yellow is where you burn the highest percentage of your calories as fat.
BENEFITS: more effective use of oxygen, stronger muscles capable of moving more easily for longer periods of time, better sleep at night, heart pumps more to vessels carrying more oxygen to muscles and burning more calories – mostly from fat, control weight, muscles get stronger, achieve more energy.

RED ZONE: “Can I speak comfortable?” NO means “RED”
Red is the crossing border from comfortable to very uncomfortable intensity. During Red zone workouts the body’s muscles -including the heart-go beyond the oxygen-consuming aerobic threshold. This means the body cannot supply an adequate amount of oxygen to the muscles, which is why in the Red zone, you “feel the burn.” Work out in this zone for short period of time, dropping back into the blue zone to catch the breath during short recovery periods. Stay in the Red zone for only a brief period of time because the body protects itself from overwork by slowing you down if you keep it up for too long.
BENEFITS: burn more calories and fat but also experience tremendous performance benefits and get much fitter, much faster.

In the first months of ZONING, your goal is to remain in the two lower zones.
Top of BLUE is Dynamic It changes as your fitness changes. As you get fitter, it goes up. If you get less fit, it goes down. When you have achieved a measurable change in your fitness, your BLINK monitor with Flashing zones will show you the improvement.

Complete a low threshold field test every month.

You have probably heard of training zones. Zone charts display the relationship between exercise effort and current age litter the walls of gyms, the monitors of exercise equipment and magazine articles. The purpose of the illustrated relationship between age and heart rate in beats-per-minute is to provide you with what is called a “target training zone.”
The concept of a single target zone for training is a myth. There are actually several training zones, and it is important that you utilize all of them in order to accomplish your fitness objectives.

ZONING is universal.
It works with all movement activities, not just running, biking, or the latest fitness fad. The activity does not matter. What matters is keeping your intensity at the appropriate level in the appropriate zone for benefits you want to achieve.

Barbara Miller, personal fitness trainer, zone specialist, has been learning the new gateway to Heart Rate Training. In the last year attending 3 workshops, Maximum Heart Rate Zones , Threshold Heart Rate and ZONING the fitness in a BLINK Program. Her background working with deconditioned hearts has found this new program ZONING a break through in heart rate training as a valid tool to see the progression of the heart strengthen in aerobic conditioning.

ZONING: Fitness in a Blink is a 4 week program in February, Heart Awareness Month

  • Location: Spinning Studio on the new KEISER m3 bikes.
  • Times offered 5:15am – 6:00am and 7:45am to 8:30am., Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Costs $189.00 includes the BLINK Heart Rate Monitor. If the timing of the 4 week program does not fit in your schedule still contact me for individual ZONING training sessions.

Contact Barbara Miller, Personal Fitness Trainer for more information.