Day: January 26, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year its 2012 the year of the dragon The time to start the New Year with a fit you, and it’s that time again when we look at the New Year, with goals, resolutions, and personal development. The body takes 15 days to create, implement, and resonate internally a new habit. You start your day with 1440 minutes to start a 30 minute fitness routine should be simple ( right ), but as a fitness professional the number 1 sabotage from clients is “I have no time.” Just think of how you CAN get to the Seattle Athletic Club, set times, days, and book your calendar. You should start small look at the classes being offered if you have been out of the fitness routine. Try not to use the “all or nothing” approach since it never works without preparation!

Preparation is the key to success.
Look back at the work outs you had time to do prior, and think of what worked and what didn’t work. Start with basic classes; build up your confidence, then your awareness with help you understand your fitness path to being in the mental/physical shape you desire. Try something new with an open mind; give it a chance to set in. Always give yourself kudos when you get to the Seattle athletic Club, taking the first step is the only way to start. Whatever format of exercise you do be proud to be there, and never look at any work out as a bad one. You showed up, you tried, feel invigorated, and now get inspired to keep the habit.

Try something different:

  • • Grab a jump rope: 1 minute = 3 minutes jogging
  • • Go punch a punching bag: you burn 30 -40 calories per minute
  • • Do cardio a la carte: spend 15 minutes per exercise machine for 1 hour
  • • Specialized classes: Let fitness professional take you through an action packed class and make friends

Always be proud of who you are, and what you are doing. Have a great year, focus on your goals, and stay consistent.