Day: December 5, 2011

Zoning (Heart Zone Training Systems) – Fitness in a Blink

Start 2012 by knowing how the heart muscle responds on a emotional, physical and performance fitness level.

Meet, ZONING, the Fitness in a Blink program by Heart Zones USA. This program is a three heart zones training system created by Sally Edwards, MA, MBA to make cardio exercise easy, individualized, and well, more fun.

Sally Edwards is the founder of Heart Zones USA, is a Triathlete Hall of Fame inductee, finisher in 16 Ironman triathlons, author of 24 books, many based on the use of cardio training using a heart rate monitors and much more. Sally cares deeply about America and well, the world to be fit.

Barbara Miller, personal fitness trainer at Seattle Athletic Club Downtown, has been learning the new methodology on heart zone training. In the last year attending 3 workshops, Maximum Heart Rate Zones , Threshold Heart Rate and now ZONING the fitness in a BLINK Program. Her background working with deconditioned hearts has found this new program ZONING a break through in heart zone training as a valid tool to see the hearts progression in aerobic conditioning.

Zoning is all about controlled heart measuring. ZONING energizes your body and your mind through personalized cardio-activity based on current level of fitness. Zoning is dependent on the metabolic response to exercise stress and is sometimes referred to as “metabolic training”. Threshold heart rates are dynamic – they change aerobic capacity or aerobic fitness level. Using a heart rate monitor, applying the individual field test for the Threshold 1 and Threshold 2 tests. As you get fitter T1 or the Top of the Blue Zone” and the T2 or “Top of the Yellow zone” heart rate numbers change.

ZONING fitness in a Blink is a 6 week program starting in February, Heart Awareness Month. Contact Barbara Miller, Personal Fitness Trainer for more information at