Day: September 1, 2011

I’m just so tired… I think I’ll skip my workout.

How many times has your alarm gone off at 5:30 AM for your morning workout and the first thing you thought (after “there’s no way it’s time”) is “I’m so tired.” Or maybe even you’ve waited until after 8 hours of work and you grab your stuff, it’s raining and cold out, it’s almost dark and only 7:00 PM, and you think, “Ugh, I wish I could go to bed right now!” Well I’m sure if you are an avid gym goer you’ve said this a time or two. Now the question is do you power through it or do you give in and let yourself off the hook?

First, are you really tired or have you not gotten up and moved around to really know for sure? Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep last night? If you did chances are you are just a little sleepy at the start but if you pushed yourself up out of bed you could really get yourself rolling. Is it the weather or the idea of going home and enjoying a bowl of soup that has more pull than a workout? First ask yourself, “am I really that tired?”

Next if you decide no I’m not that tired I just don’t know if I can push myself to do anything today‚Ķthen maybe today is the day for you to try something new. Go to that spin class you’ve been hearing rave reviews about; jump in the pool and swim some laps, do what you like best and just put in the time. Not every workout is going to be note worthy but as long as you can continue a routine, put in the effort, and feel good when you are done, it’s all worth it.

You’ve almost gotten yourself on board but you still think sleeping in sounds just a little bit better than sweating it out in the weight room. Now is the time for you to think ahead. Think about what it feels like to finish a good workout. Think about how happy you are that you did it and it’s over. Think about your goals and how by pushing yourself to put in the effort you have made another positive step towards accomplishing something. Think about how much better that bowl of soup will be after you worked for it! Just keep in mind how working out makes you feel and that should help push you over the edge and get you in the gym!

If all else fails, training with a Personal Trainer is a great way to keep on track. Not only will it keep you accountable but it will help you to keep things new and fun! If you think that’s too much right now we have a number of Programs run by Personal Trainers that you can try once for free. You never know what might strike your fancy. Plus in a group setting you will have the camaraderie of the other participants to keep you in line!