Water Aerobics… Great Workout – Less Impact

How do you get a great workout with less impact on your joints and muscles? Water Aerobics is what it sounds like, Aerobics in the water. You can make it a hard workout or an easy workout just like with any other workout. If you cycle and need to take it easy on a day you simply pedal a little easier with lighter tension or if you want a more intense workout increase the tension and pedal harder/faster. Water Aerobics is similar in the way you push yourself. Did you have a hard weight bearing workout the day before then you can make water aerobics a bit easier by moving a little slower with more stretching movements. If you feel you need to work harder then work harder, move faster and utilize the resistance of the water for a more intense workout. Another important part of water aerobics is the enthusiasm of the instructor. If your instructor is moving slow with little energy typically the people in class follow suite. For myself if I am feeling low on energy I say to myself “Don’t let your students down. They are here for a workout. Show them what you’re made of, don’t be a slacker!” After the workout is over my energy level has risen and I feel great. My students tell me “that was great!” People that are new to this type of exercise are often surprised at how hard they worked out. “I didn’t expect this to be so intense”. So, come in on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 – 9:30 give it a try, you just might surprise yourself.



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