US Masters Swim: Postal Swim Recap

Seattle Athletic Club hosted its first annal USMS Postal Swim. Due to the popular demand we ran two heats. One on Friday, January 21st and the other on Saturday, January 22nd.

Postal Swim by definition:
Swim for 1 hour straight, drafting, flotation and propulsive devices (pull buoys, fins, paddles, wet suits, etc.) are not permitted. Only two swimmers may share a lane, and they shall each swim on one side of the lane during the entire race (i.e. no circle swimming). An adult “verifier,” acting as a
starter/head timer/counter/referee, must be present at all times during the swim. Each swimmer must have a verifier to time the event with a stopwatch, count laps, and record cumulative (running) 50 splits. Split times must be recorded to the nearest second and tenth (or hundredth)
of a second.

THEN SAC mails in your results (ie: postal) and swimmers are ranked nation-wide amongst all the other United States Masters Swimmers (USMS).

SAC USMS results:

  • Kim Pancoast: 4,050 yards
  • Karissa Lackey: 3,825 yards
  • Mark Webb: 3,685 yards
  • Brent Hardy: 3,650 yards
  • Natalie Komar: 3,620 yards
  • Erin McCormack: 3,420 yards
  • Manuel Medina: 3,330 yards
  • Darin Smith: 3,330 yards
  • Elizabeth Martin: 3,275 yards
  • Vicki Boiven: 3,225 yards
  • Jeff Wagner: 3,040 yards
  • Barb Fox: 2,950 yards
  • Sarah Holberg: 2,950 yards
  • Tom Camp: 2,900 yards
  • Lisa Ohge: 2,870 yards
  • Teresa Engrav: 2,675 yards
  • Ann Sloan: 2,650 yards
  • Sheri Hancey: 2,663 yards
  • Kirsten Nesholm: 2,450 yards

Congratulations to all our first time postal swimmers! Looking forward to 2012!

If you are interested in joining the SAC Masters team for swim meets, open water swims, or just plain fun with your friends please contact Aquatic Director/Multisport coach Teresa Nelson.



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