Day: February 9, 2011

Quick Tips for Jump Starting Weight Loss!

For most of us this time of the year there we are looking to our future and where we want to be. Most of us are setting those New Year’s resolutions and trying to better ourselves. For the most part every person wants to change their body image, whether it’s lose weight, lean up or gain muscle mass. Here are some quick tips that anyone can do to help them start changing their body image:

  1. Wake up earlier. If part of your metabolism (the total calories your burn through the day) is the calories you burn with daily activity; then if you have a longer day you are burning more calories, and over a year those calories add up to shed pounds.
  2. Eat Breakfast. By eating your body has to break down the food, this increase your metabolism and burns calories. This caloric burn stays elevated for a while after eating while your body is digesting its food. If you skip breakfast or eat it at 10 am, you are wasting a lot of time where your body could have an elevated metabolism.
  3. Do your exercise earlier in your day if you can! Just like eating, working out with weighted exercises will increase your metabolism throughout the day. So if you can make your workout earlier in the day your metabolism is elevated for a longer period of time.
  4. Drinking green tea or coffee is supposed to increase your metabolism and mobilize fats for your body to utilize easier.
  5. Write down your goals and have them visible. Studies have shown that people who write down their goals are three times more likely to be successful.
  6. Change it up. This is important in most things you do. Most of us have a routine we do every day; we can drive to work and not even remember how we got there because we take the same route every day. Most of us go to the gym and perform the same workout we have been doing for years without seeing much success or change in our bodies. Try changing up things in your daily routine, such as driving a different route, brushing your teeth with your opposite hand, or go to the gym and try something new (just make sure you know how to utilize the equipment correctly). By changing up your routine you actually use different parts of your brain, making your think and react faster as well as make yourself smarter!

Not everything we do for our health and body image has to cost money; there are some easy things we can do that don’t take any extra time or money but they will take some extra effort…basically you should think about starting your day earlier, make sure to eat your breakfast, which could include green tea or coffee, write down goals and change up your normal routine. All of these things every person can do without much effort and start the process of becoming healthier and changing their body image. If you have any questions please contact Seattle Athletic Club Downtown’s Fitness Director Jacob Galloway.