What do Snap, Crackle and Pop Have to do with Your Health?

Have you ever wondered what that sound is when your neck or knee or any part of your body pop’s and cracks? I know I have! Here is a brief explanation of what could be happening in your body when is makes some unexpected or rather common sounds of the popping nature.

Gases are making an escape!
Because the inside of the joint is primarily synovial fluid, (think the inside of chewels chewing gum) a wonderful fluid to keep the joint lubricated. It can have a tendency to become full of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Weird huh? When you stretch the joint capsule via movement it will pop or crack to release the gas build up or bubbles that can occur in a joint.

Tendon or Ligament slippage
Sometimes, (maybe more for some of you due to your own special anatomy….) when you move a joint a tendon/ligament placement will change and it might move over a boney area causing a popping or snapping sound. This is pretty common in ankles, knees and wrists due to the many things that are gliding over one another.

Bumpy spots
Arthritic areas make tons of sound due to the lack of smooth cartilage and lack of fluid in the joints.

Should you be worried when a joint pops, cracks or snaps? I would generally say no. Unless there is pain with the sounds then it’s nothing to be too concerned about. However, if there is pain it would be best to consult your doc to get a better clue about the cause.



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