Day: November 29, 2010

Holiday Survival – Lose Weight, Keep Active, Stay Motivated

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for many people with family, friends, and vacations on top of work and other responsibilities. Keeping up with your fitness goals may be a challenge during the notorious weight gain season between Thanksgiving feasts and New Years celebrations. However, don’t let the progress you have made slip, or allow yourself to wait until the New Year to get back into shape. Even when you can’t make it into the gym, there are ways of consistently getting in the exercise you need to reach your goals. Even cutting fitness time in half is better than cutting it out completely, so below are some ideas for when you can’t make it into the gym!

Try combining many of your daily activities with fitness:

  • If you need to take care of the kids, do activities that get you moving.
  • If you’re sledding, walk up and down the hill with them.
  • Trade in the family sit downs for walks or hikes, point is, participate with them – kick a ball or play chase.
  • These activities can be done with friends or family as well. If you’re catching up, take your coffee to go and take a stroll.
  • If your errands are close enough to walk, choose that over driving.
  • When the weather calls to stay indoors try fitting exercises in during commercial breaks, the kid’s naps, or while your food is cooking.

Exercise balls and resistance bands take up just a little space in the home or at the office, are inexpensive, and easy to use with great results. Planks, curls, crunches, squats, lunges, and more can be done in the space of your own home – avoiding the commute to and from the gym.

Keeping your body active doesn’t require a gym; many studies have shown the increased benefits of walking 10,000 steps per day. Keep a pedometer on you throughout the day, choose the stairs over the elevator and walk them during work breaks or meetings on the go. You could even get up earlier for a brisk walk before getting your day started or after dinner before bed. Even if you are visiting family somewhere away from home, just get the steps in when you can.

Other ways of avoiding holiday weight gain is planning ahead. Go on vacation somewhere warm where you may be showing more skin, you’ll be more motivated to lose the weight for the holidays and keep it off that way. Set goals like going down a pant or dress size before your next big holiday event so you have something to work for and show off. These are just a few of the many ways you can save yourself some pounds this holiday season!

Of Americans that make New Year’s resolutions, 70% end up breaking them. Keeping up with exercise by planning ahead, being more active outside the gym, and doing your own at home exercises, all on your own time, allows you to keep the progress you have made and start the New Year strong. Stay motivated and on track through the holidays can be as simple as trying some fitness programs like the Double Down Weight loss Challenge, the Evolve weight loss program, or getting weight loss advice from personal fitness training staff at Seattle Athletic Club. Contact fitness director Jacob Galloway for information on any of the programs mentioned.