Day: November 26, 2010

Choosing a Personal Trainer – Be Your Own Investigator!

Adriana Brown, Personal Fitness Trainer How do I figure out who is best to whip me into shape? This is usually the first question a new to training member asks themselves after they decide they want to step up into workout sessions with a professional. There are some first steps you need to take before you pick the perfect match!

  1. Do your research! Make sure that you are choosing a professional with high qualifications, and good experience.
  2. Talk to other members that train, find out how other members chose their trainers, what they like about whom they train with, and any other suggestions they might have.
  3. Talk to a fitness director/manager. The head of the training department knows the most about what each trainer has to offer as well as access to all the trainers schedules. If you are looking for a trainer with certain passions/areas of expertise the manager would be able to tell who your best fit is.
  4. Watch and listen. While trainers are on the floor with their clients see if the trainer does exercises that interest you. See if the trainer’s personality fits well with your own, if you like the way they encourage and instruct their clients.
  5. Try it out. You don’t have to pick one trainer, try a few. You are paying for a service and you have the ability to test the waters and see what you like. Pick a few trainers that you think may be right for you and then you can continue to train with more than one or narrow your choice to just one.

Picking the right trainer will help you to achieve your goals and will help you stay on a routine schedule. This should be about you, so don’t feel bad if you don’t find the right trainer for you right away.