Top Reasons to Do Cardio Exercise

The best reason to do cardio is to make exercise throughout your daily life easier and to maintain a strong, healthy heart for your entire life.

Cardiovascular exercise is called cardio for a reason: because cardiovascular exercise primarily benefits the cardiovascular system. The primary function of the cardiovascular system is to deliver oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to the muscles. Large components of our cardiovascular system include the heart, blood, blood vessels (e.g. veins, arteries, capillaries), and the lungs. The more regular cardio we do, the better our cardiovascular system performs.

As we become more cardiovascularly fit, our heart becomes more muscular and stronger, our blood pressure improves, the amount of oxygen we can effectively utilize increases, and our resting heart rate decreases. In other words, cardiovascular work becomes easier, and we feel better.

Additionally cardio speeds our recovery from delayed-onset muscle soreness. By speeding the delivery of vital nutrients and hormones to the affected tissue as well as speeding the removal of lactic acid and muscle damage by-produces from the affected tissue, cardiovascular activity hastens the recovery process.

All that said, above all else we need to sustain a regular cardiovascular routine to maintain a healthy and fit cardiovascular system. If you have any questions on cardiovascular fitness or training please feel free to contact any one of our qualified personal fitness trainers or our fitness director Jacob Galloway.



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