The Best Way to Lower Your Golf Handicap

One of the best ways to lower your handicap in Golf may not be to improve your equipment but to improve the function of your own body. The Golf swing is a dynamic movement, which requires balance, flexibility, strength and power. It must be performed with exact precision over and over throughout a round to achieve a good score, thus requiring a significant amount of muscular endurance as well.

What is separating the top performing, most consistent golfers today is their level of fitness. Lets take a look at each of the fitness components mentioned above and see how each relates to the sport of Golf.

Balance in Golf can mean two things. It is the ability to stay in control on your feet throughout the swing without falling over or having to take a step out to the side. It also refers the muscular balance of your body. If your muscle groups are out of balance they are overly tight in certain areas and overly weak in other areas. It is important to identify these imbalances and correct them with proper flexibility and strength training. This can improve your accuracy and consistency.

In order to create the range of motion necessary for a proper swing you must be flexible. Specifically the muscles that stretch and allow your torso to rotate must have the proper flexibility.

Strength and Power are the two components that work together to produce clubhead speed. Strength is the ability to move a certain load and power is the speed at which you are able to move that load. A golf is swing is a prime example of both of these factors coming in to play in order to hit the ball with your club and hit it far.

Lastly, endurance is your ability to repeat the same muscle action over and over without losing strength or form. When your form starts to go in golf it is pretty easy to predict what will happen, thus making endurance training an important component of any golf fitness program.

Golf season is here, and what better way to spend your time here at the SAC than improving your fitness to play this great game! All of these fitness components combine to play an integral role in making consistent accurate golf shots. It is important to remember that you can affect and improve all of these with the time you spend in the gym.



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