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  • "My membership at SAC Northgate has had an incredible impact on my health and well-being. One of the greatest investments I ever made in myself is my twice-weekly personal training sessions with Melissa. I was a high tech employee for 20 years, and sat for almost the entire time. My body was showing signs of disuse and I kept finding myself in physical therapy for one painful injury or another. When I started working out with Melissa, I harbored fears of hurting myself further with exercise. Melissa not only helped me with routines that were well-suited toward my physical recovery and rehabilitation, but she also helped me mentally break through my fears. Now, years later, we are focused on continually increasing my physical and cardiovascular fitness – gone are the days of rehab! I am stronger, more flexible, have more balance, and have much better cardiovascular health. Once Covid hit, I took a break from working out and really felt it. I gained weight (as many of us have during this time). After about a month, I started working out with Melissa again virtually. It was exactly what I needed. I’ve lost my Covid weight and am making advances again in my physical fitness journey. I look forward to working out, and I absolutely love Melissa! Seeing her twice a week has become part of my social life as well! Thank you to SAC and to Melissa!”

    - Rose Earl-Kolev
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