Sac Attack Dance Camp

Calling all kids ages 3 - 9!!!!  So you want to be star? Then, let’s hit the beat and learn to eat. Bring your happy feet. Cause loving life is what we teach!

Fostering the love of performing arts in the next generation…..centered on multiple dance styles. If you have a little one at home between the ages of 3 – 9 years who won’t stop dancing and or moving about, now is the perfect time to enroll them in our 5 day Summer Dance Camp!

Our camp will help lay the ground for future tiny performers with the guidance of professional and semi professional dancers.

Each day will include non-dance activities and a lunch break lead by our very own Nutritionists Haley….

Take advantage of time spent doing all the things you wish you could do and can’t and leave the kids to us. 


Why will kids love it? This will be a fun interactive way to teach them culture, develop their imagination, while giving them physical awareness, and confidence.

What will they learn: Dancing is a healthy, enjoyable activity for children of all ages – it promotes loco-motors and cognitive development, increases blood and oxygen flow and re-organizers the neurological system? It’s a great mix of culture, creativity, body awareness, and creating healthy choices. We will teach them equal parts of art, science and sports, incorporating symbolism and storytelling, choreography and rhythm, speed, strength and movement.

What makes us different from other camps: It’s local; parents can work out on site or take a break off site. We will even have childcare available for those who have to work (childcare fee not included in camp fees). Your kids will be partnering up with our very own Haley Beirch, RND, LD who will be teaching and creating nutritional food choices and meals. Dance will be taught by dance pro’s and youth mentors.

Expectations & Outcomes: To plant the seed… spark healthy living, enhance love of dance/movement and music, boost self esteem and confidence. End the week with a performance created and performed by your kiddo, pared with a small gathering of like minded parents and healthy snakes again prepared by the SAC kids.


For more information contact Lisa Huisingh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (206) 443-1111 ex 291