Lindsey's Corner

Feeling refreshed after the long weekend, I sat down at my desk to compile a list of what measurable, time-based, and realistic action I could take in the first few months of 2017 to take my health practice to the next level.

As I was writing my list, it occurred to me that it might be important to remind all of us in the SAC community that each person's list will be as different and diverse as the people who write them.

Why? Well if we speak in Eneagram terms ~ because there are at least fifty-four unique internal drivers that shape how we humans move through the world, and each of these is influenced by varying levels of self-development and a hierarchy of needs.

Without detailing here the fifty-four unique ways you might go about coming up with your list, or more importantly, learn to stop judging other people's lists: let me break down just three different ways one might go about creating a goal list.

The Enneagram points us to three innate instincts that influence where our attention goes on a subconscious level, social, one-to-one, self-preservation. In preparing for the year ahead, each instinct also known as a subtype, might focus their attention in one of three ways:

A social subytype: focus goes to the group. Understanding my place in the group will keep me safe.

What are my friends doing to get healthy? How do I get involved?

A one-to-one subtype: focus goes to intimate connections. Understanding my connection to another person will keep me safe.

What does my partner want to do? I’ll workout with my partner or friend from work.

A self-preservation: focus goes to keeping the preservation of the self. Making sure my basic needs are met.

Let me assure you that all three instincts are equally important. As a strong social instinct, it has been part of my self-development to harness my one-to-one and self-preservation instincts. As you begin to plan for 2017, pay attention to where your attention leads you. Once your personal instinct is satisfied, how could you open yourself up to lessons from the other subtypes? Ask yourself these questions as you set your health goals for 2017:

Would I stay motivated if I worked out with a group?
Would I socialize less and train harder if I worked out by myself?
Am I too rigid in my training regime? Would I benefit from mixing things up or trying something new?
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