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New Year’s Resolution: Life Coaching Package!

Contact: Lindsey T. H. Jackson

Offer Available From December 1st – January 31st
Cost: 3 Sessions for $245

“I’ve been a health coach for over fifteen years and in that time I’ve heard my share of New Year’s Resolutions. I used to watch helplessly as some people stuck resolutely to their resolutions and others crashed and burn after their first month. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to study as much as I could about personality types, psychology, and spirituality in the hopes of unlocking a secret ‘something’ that I could share with my less successful clients. After much study and many travels to the far corners of the world I developed a methodology that has been hugely successful for hundreds of clients. Using it I have helped clients transform New Year’s Resolutions into complete lifestyle changes, and in doing so manifest a level of peace and health in their lives that they previously never believed possible.”

It is not all about losing weight.

Throw out your scale. You should not be concerned with how much you weigh, as it is a very poor indicator of overall fitness, particularly when it comes to measuring body composition.

Body composition, or the comparison of your fat mass to your lean mass, is the true focus of your concern. When presented with the choice between weighing a particular number and having our jeans fit exactly as we want them to, most of us would gladly choose the latter.

You can note improvement in your own body composition simply with how you look in the mirror, or how well your clothes are fitting. Both are a much better indicator than a number from a scale.

If you are interested in having your body composition accurately assessed, stop by the fitness department to get a seven-site skinfold test. Just remember that you will need to be tested prior to working out and do not forget to wear loose clothing!