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Common Squash Stretches

Considering some of the common injuries associated with the sport of squash, here are a few to work on as you prepare for the upcoming tournament this weekend.

Hip flexibility – A common side effect to doing 100’s of lunges is tight, overactive glute muscles. An effective stretch for the hip region is the piriformis stretch (Below Left), which targets the internal hip muscles that act as a hammock for the hip and assist larger muscles in movement. This one you may have heard it referred to as thread the needle.

Squash Stretch

Another good hip stretch that will also target lateral hip muscles including the illiotibial band is in a similar position with the leg bent and hugging the knee toward the chest (Above Right).

Shoulder flexibility – Large deltoid muscles can be stretched by bringing the arm across the body with shoulder blade back and down (Below Left).

Squash Stretch

A great stretch for the rotator cuff muscles and smaller stabilizers of the shoulder is the arm wrestle (Above Right). Lying down on your side with elbow level with shoulder height, press your arm down toward the ground.

These just tend to be two regions of the body that become overactive and fatigued from playing squash, but there are many more to address and the body should be treated as a whole.

Two SAC Women’s Squash Teams are Heading to the Howe Cup – Come Support them on October 18th

Howe Cup also known as the US Women’s Squash Team Championship is an annual event held in various venues in the United States. It is more frequently held on the east coast with a rotation on the west coast every few years. Howe Cup consists of four divisions, A B C and D. Each team has 5 players. Typically squash is an individual sport but once a year, there’s an opportunity for the ladies to participate in a National event that is for women only and in a team format. Seattle has had winning teams in all four divisions throughout the years. Last year the event was held in San Francisco and Seattle had 7 teams participate. The A and C team came home with first place trophies. This year’s event is in Rye, New York on November 5-7. Two B teams will be representing Seattle this year and all of the players are Seattle Athletic Club members. The players on Team: Seattle Raindrops are Laura Bachman, Dominique Posy, Julie Santos, Emilie Kraft and Lulu Chou. The players on Team: Rainy Day Ladies are Katie Toyoshima, Brandi Conforth, Emma Dunn, Heather Thomson and Annie Barouh. To support the teams this year we will be running a raffle drawing. Look for our table the week of October 18th in the Lobby. The players will be there to answer questions about why squash is so addictive and healthy, the Howe Cup event and to sell raffle tickets for the fabulous prizes.