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Employee of the month for July: Marcus Elie




Marcus brings his southern kindness from Louisiana to the Seattle Athletic Club every day graciously. It’s obvious to our team members and club members that Marcus genuinely cares about everyone around him and consistently takes the time to go above and beyond to help out. With his warm and personable nature, Marcus puts the needs of others first. Marcus is professional, calm even when under pressure, and always polite.  He is also extremely flexible with his time and schedule to ensure the front desk is covered and members are cared for.


Employee of the Month for June: Jay Velasquez



Everyone knows Jay Velasquez! He is one our front desk superstars, but to the club,  he is more than that. To be greeted by Jay is to receive a warm smile, hearty hello, and to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Jay’s energy and enthusiasm is put into everything he does. He’s upbeat and exudes positive energy.

Jay exemplifies a willingness to take initiative, going above and beyond what is needed. He knows what needs to be done and he steps up wherever he is needed. He is a true team player and leader. He is relied upon because whatever is required,  will be completed efficiently and above expectations.

He is organized, always professional, self-motivated and knowledgeable. He handles high-stress situations with absolute professionalism.                                                                                 

Congratulation Jay on being Employee Of  The Month!

We are very fortunate to have you as a team member!

Employee of the Month for December: Armon Martindale



In Armon’s short time here at the Club, he has already made a big impact. From the small details of the Front Desk to the events and offerings of the club, he has become a person of reference for all.

Armon comes to work each day knowing that what he does makes a direct impact on the members he sees and the staff he works with. His calm demeanor when busy to his outgoing personality when things are slow has allowed him to build those connections with all.

Please join us in congratulating Armon on his well earned appointment as our Employee of the Month!