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Welcome Personal Fitness Trainer Phillip Cowin

Phillip CowinPhil comes to the SAC from the tri-cities with his family, transitioning from working at Gold’s gym for over 5 years while there.  Phil has competed in multiple power lifting and fitness/physique competitions and has a background in wrestling, MMA and track & field.

Phil’s workouts are designed to challenge every individual based on their needs; utilizing dumbbells and barbells for traditional power lifting movements, and showing people how to move their body’s correctly using balance and functional training, while always incorporating mobility and flexibility work.  Phil’s programs, which are continually updated, are tracked to ensure all his client’s are making progress.

Phil is a goal oriented person who pushes people’s minds and bodies further than they think they can; making fitness a lasting change in their life.

Barbells for Everyone

What’s new? Try something old; we are talking the tried and true basic barbell lifts. Here’s a few basic barbell exercises you may have heard of before; Front squat, Back squat, Overhead squat, RDL’s, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, and Good Mornings. If you haven’t heard of these movements you should get to know them ASAP.

Why are these movements so great if they are “basic?” There are a few reasons to do these exercises:

  1. Increase your strength quickly, safely, and efficiently.
  2. Increase your core strength actively through a full range of motion.
  3. Increase your flexibility and joint/bone strength.
  4. Burn more calories by using your full body, targeting larger muscle groups and increasing body tension while moving through the motions.
  5. Using your new found strength and range of motion to apply to sports, general fitness, and overall health.

These basic lifts, when done correctly and to full range of motion, will make your workout feel like sprinting up a hill. The full range of motion, combined with a heavier load, pushes your body both in muscular strength and increased heart rate. Not only do these lifts make you sweat (buckets even) they push you to keep good form, good posture, and the concentration demands are much higher than sitting on a bench or using a leg press. You’ll test yourself physically and mentally to find more depth, increase your weight, and build core strength. Lifting with barbells will help you understand your body better and coordinate your muscles to fire harder, faster, and more efficiently. All these things add up to a intense workout, quicker strength gains and greater flexibility that will push you to continually work harder (increasing your heart rate and caloric burn).

Learning how to coordinate and move your body through space without weight first is pivotal in executing these more demanding exercises. Be smart, make small gains, be true to the movement, always aim for proficiency before increases in weight, and have fun!

If you want to learn more about these lifts and how to increase strength quickly, Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Brown runs Men’s Power Training for Sport (barbell lifting) every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00am. To find out how you can become a barbell aficionado, call Adriana at 206-443-1111 or send her an email.