Inspirational Member of the Month: Betsy Lieberman

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For those who do not know Betsy, she is my inspiration. She is one of those people who exemplifies perseverance and determination, proving that with heart and soul you can surmount any obstacle.

Betsy has been a dedicated member of the club since its inception in 1982. However, she admits to leaving the club for a short sprint, temporarily joining a gym closer to her home. Not long after this change, her husband observed that she wasn’t happy and encouraged her to rejoin the Seattle Athletic club, which welcomed her with open arms. She has been hitting the pool ever since.

In our chat, Betsy told me that she truly loves everything here: the employees, the members, the atmosphere; she loves it all! She even has a small group of ladies whom she has become quite fond of and looks forward to their gatherings.

When I first met Betsy, we bonded over a crowbar, a jammed locker, and a very educationally stimulating conversation about honey bees. Through the years, I have come to learn that Betsy has a special way about her: a gentle strength, an easy-going demeanor, and a determined heart of gold. I have also come to learn about all the incredible honors and awards that she has earned for her courageous, selfless acts in the non-profit world. From AIDS awareness, safe housing, low income, and affordable health care to homelessness, she is a legend within the Seattle-Pike Place Market area.

When I think of Mrs. Betsy Lieberman, I don’t think about the fact that she suffers from Arthritis, I think about a woman who goes to the gym 3-5 times a week without fail, who follows her swim regimen with dedication (preferably during Kelli Zappert’s Water Aerobics class so that she can take advantage of some good ol’ fashioned Beatles tunes), and always has a smile on her face. When I think of Mrs. Betsy Lieberman, I think of the woman who has set out to conquer the world’s concerns and I think WOW, what an inspiration. I, for one, am honored to know her.



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