What’s New at the SAC

You may have noticed that the club upgraded some of its workout equipment after the annual club closure. Here is what we have that’s new and some fun ways to use it.


3-way Olympic Benches: these benches have a back rest that moves upward and downward allowing you to perform incline, flat or decline chest press on the same piece of equipment. It can

also be adjusted out or in allowing both short and tall individuals to fit on the bench and workout.









Elevate Series Treadmills: These treadmills have been show to have a 30% reduction in forces in the knees compared to running on the roads. They have a quick control panel by the heart rate monitors to allow for quick changes in speed and elevation. Some of the coolest features lye in the touch screen monitors where you can: watch TV channels, browse the internet, access fitness apps, take guided tours viewing a city France while the treadmill adjusts the incline based on the actual incline on that city road/trail, do any of the 42 pre-programmed workouts or do any of the 8 custom workouts created by the SAC fitness staff, create a profile on Life Fitness Connect (https://www.lifefitness.com/home/products/lfconnect-app) and track all your workouts on the treadmills and much more.









Cage System: We added a cage system which allows for 6 workout spaces to do any of your major barbell work. The cage also has two monkey bar sets, 6 pull-up bars, 3 sets of bar safeties and J-hooks that can adjust the bar rack position from the floor to the top of the cage. Those are all the basic workout features you can do; there are many other uses for the cage system using resistance/power bands, benches, and a TRX workout area.









If you have any questions on how to set up or use the new equipment please feel free to ask and of the fitness staff or contact the fitness director Jacob Galloway (jgalloway@sacdt.com) to set up some individual time to review the equipment.



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