February Employee of the Month: Jody Garcia!

Jody Garcia has been employed at the Seattle Athletic Club since November of 2005. Jody is a problem solver, huge supporter of the Seattle Athletic Club and a giving person. Most people’s first impression of Jody is “Wow, who is this guy? He has so much energy and such a great outlook on life.” Jody began his martial art journey at the age of 7; he then went on to receive his Golden Gloves at the age of 14 and became a pro fighter by the age of 18. All of his martial arts training and experience proved to be a great asset for the Seattle Athletic Club.

Jody continually brings his great attitude to work with him; where you will always see a smile on his face and quick to spread joy. Jody’s workouts are rarely the same; he knows how to work around injuries and how to help you learn what to do to avoid an injury in the future. So if you want to learn the discipline of martial arts, attain a black belt or just receive a whole body workout Jody is your guy.

Jody also see’s the importance of giving back to the community, he volunteers coaching children in Martial Arts, Soccer and Football just to name a few. His students cannot truly convey how much he has helped them lean out and feel good about them, inside and out.

Thanks for all you do Jody!



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