Day: June 27, 2014

Pilates Exercise of the Month: Pull the Pedal Up or Elephant on the Wunda Chair

Pull the Pedal Up or Elephant on the Wunda Chair

Benefit: To develop abdominal control, scapular stabilization and strengthen shoulder girdle.  This exercise is 100% Powerhouse, making it difficult to perform.  A trained professional must spot throughout exercise.

Starting Position: Face the pedal and place the palm of your hands on the edge of the chair with fingertips hanging off.  Step 1 foot on the pedal to press it down, step the other foot on.  Glue your heels together and lift so you are balancing on your tip toes.

    1.  Inhale; Keep scapulae stable and round the truExnk in a Pike position, scooping your abs. Float your head between your shoulders.


    1. Exhale; with Powerhouse strength, lift pelvis up towards ceiling allowing weight to shift  into hands.  For 3 counts, lift pedal higher to top of its range.


    1. Inhale; lower pedal down with control.  Bring pedal just above base (not quite to the floor), maintain the pike position.


  1. Complete 3-5 reps, lower pedal all the way down. Step 1 foot left; then the other, not letting the pedal rebound.

Head to Toe Checklist:

  • Maintain scapular stabilization to avoid sinking through shoulders
  • Keep head aligned with spine, think of dropping top of head toward floor
  • Stabilize around shoulders and through arms to avoid losing control
  • Don’t let your body rock or your hips move from side to side


Imagine your are floating upward – levitating.


Omit the 3 count pulses.