Day: May 14, 2014

Why Shop Trader Joes?

For years clients have asked me if I get paid from Trader Joe’s to recommend their stores and products. The sad truth is I can’t even purchase their stock – it’s a privately held company! All I can do is shop there myself and recommend that my time-starved clients that want to eat healthier do the same.

A recent client of mine in our first nutrition session told me she hated to grocery shop – it was too overwhelming. She suffered fatigue and didn’t have the energy to cook much. Six weeks later, she and her husband reported looking forward to their weekly shopping trip to Trader Joe’s. She was now passionate and excited about how fun it was to shop and how the healthier convenient options kept her coming back. And she’s cooking a bit more with independent recipe websites that use TJ short-cut ingredients (she likes So, just in case you’re not yet a convert, here are some reasons you might decide to shop at Trader Joe’s.

First, there are no additives, preservatives or colorings in ANY of their products. They’ve taken a stand with a no-GMO policy and carry only RBST-free dairy. They have a great selection of organic, whole-grain, free-range and grass-fed options. Most amazingly, their prices are very reasonable for the quality. And they never have sales – so you’ll always know what you’re spending.

TJ’s also caters to the time-starved and nutrition-minded shopper looking for convenient options. The frozen food aisle is filled with short-cut meals and sides – and while many are still high in sodium – are very nutritious and a better alternative to dine-out. A possible downside is that you might not find everything you need at TJ’s – sometimes you’re looking for a name-brand specialty product or you don’t find the produce variety or quality you want. (The stores are relatively small and don’t carry as much produce and choice in products). But, for some, this is what makes it an endearing shopping experience – the fact that you can only get one kind of turkey chili. And that can of turkey chili is the best you’ve ever had as it’s been selected by TJ buyers who’ve searched the world over to find the best one to privately-label. I’ve come to really enjoy the simplicity of that – in a buyer-beware world of grocery aisles offering too many choices, gimmicky sales and ingredients I often can’t pronounce.