Day: January 1, 2013

Jump You Monkey

You’ve done box jumps, you’ve done lung jumps, maybe you’ve even got nuts and done one legged jumps (one of my personal favorites) but when was the last time you went back into the vault and re-visited your days of junior high PE?  If it’s been a while lets refresh your memory.  A warm-up of mountain climbers, burpees, skips, jumps, jump rope, and/or high knees.  Those are just a few oldies that come to mind.  Today we’ll be covering four basic jumps that when used in a workout becomes anything but basic.


Floor to Ceilings (full range of motion squat jumps): In this movement you will start in a deep squat (hips below shoulders, butt down, chest up, spine extended, and feet flat).  You will start by touching the floor between your feet without bending over from your spine or letting your heels come off the floor.  As soon as you touch the floor you will extend up through your spine as quickly as possible to then jump up as high as you can vertically as you raise your arms above your head (thus the ceiling part).  Upon landing back on the floor you will begin to bend your knees and drop back down into a good squat, touch the floor with your hands and repeat.  Doing a good 10 reps of these jumps will kick start your heart rate and mimic sprinting up a hill.  Don’t forget the touch at the bottom every time and then hands over head at the top!


Butt Kickers: Start in a squat (at least 90 degree bend in your knees) and then extend your legs keeping your chest up and spine extended as you power your feet off the floor and attempt to kick your butt with your heels while in the air.  Push your feet back underneath you and re bend back into your squat as you land on the floor (you should always land with bent knees), repeat.  The goal is to keep constant motion.  This may be the first time ever you wish you had a bigger backside!


Tuck Jumps: Harness your inner diver.  In this jump you will again start with knees bent (anywhere from a little to 90 degrees for your load up) and feet flat.  You will jump up as hard and as high as you can, at the same time you will forcefully use your abs and hips to pull your knees up towards your chest.  It’s okay if your chest comes towards your knees a little as well.  Swing your arms up with you as you jump to get more power.  Make sure your knees are coming up towards your chest as opposed to bringing your heels under your hips.  It’s best if you feel like your knees are coming up and around to your chest as opposed to just straight up.  You should feel a ton of abs in this exercise.  The more you can keep moving the better, use the momentum to get more power.  Good luck!


Pike Jumps: Get ready to be the best cheerleader you’ve ever been!  In this exercise you will use the same load up as the other jumps the only difference is you are going to power your legs forward on your way up.  Not just forward but also more or less straight, meaning your movement comes from your hips as opposed to kicking your legs forward from your knees.  This is a little scary at first; make sure you have good load up and good power up in your jump to insure you have enough time to power your legs forward from your hips.  If it helps you can swing your arms with you as well.  Make sure you swing your legs forward quickly and pull them back under you quickly to insure you don’t land on your backside!  As always, try to land with bent legs and keep up the rhythm as much as you can!  Enjoy!


Now that you have all these fun new tricks, add them in to your workout and see how much harder it is to do 10 Pike jumps in a row than it is to sit and rest on a bench or ride an exercise bike!