Day: September 23, 2012

How to stay motivated to exercise and get into the physical shape you want to be in.

Have you ever worked out really hard for a couple weeks or months and then all of the sudden you are not seeing the gym or weights at all anymore? You need some self-motivation to help you get started back on your exercise and eating programs. There are three methods that have worked for me when I did not feel motivated to exercise in the past.

  1. Positive Affirmations Positive affirmations are meant to help you stay motivated within your own self. By standing in front of the mirror and saying, “I look amazing today!” This will boost your own self-confidence to the next level to get you moving along for that day. Below are a couple affirmations that tie in with fitness and will help motivate you to want to exercise.
    • I love exercising
    • I enjoy all my workouts
    • I take good care of my body
    • I am taking my exercise to the next level today
    • I am exercising for an extra 20 minutes today
    • I am happy with the way exercise makes me feel and look after I do it (My favorite)
  2. Keeping some type of journal or log of what exercise you have been doing and on what days, as well as a food log if needed

    By keeping a journal of your daily exercises and activities, you are seeing the amount of work you put into it. You also see your improvements written in your journal as the weeks and months go on. Therefore, you can keep up with yourself and further those improvements even more.

  3. Rewarding yourself Rewarding ones self does not mean “yeah I worked out today, so I can go get two candy bars at the grocery store.” Feeling and looking better is a reward in itself, but if that is not enough for you, there are plenty other ways. If you have certain fitness goals and reach that fitness goal, then rewarding yourself with a new exercise top or a trip to the movies is great. If you are a working mother and do not have that hour or two to read your favorite book, and then reward yourself with that.

Try these three methods and see where it takes you mentally and physically, you may surprise yourself with how much easier exercising and life is! So just remember to stay positive, keep a log and then reward yourself for all your hard work.