Day: September 6, 2012

What’s SUP???

Have you been looking for a new way to get out and explore the beauty that is the Pacific Northwest? Maybe you have gone on the canoeing trips to Diablo Lake in the northern cascades and have kayaked through Deception Pass over by the peninsula and those are old news. Or maybe you just want a new, dynamic way to fire stabilizer muscles and strengthen your shoulders and arms for any sport you may attempt. SUP may be right up your alley! Who thought you could SURF in Seattle?

SUP or Stand Up Paddleboard is essential a large surf board (similar to a long board) that uses a single paddle to move you across the water. Think the canals of Venice only you get a paddle instead of a stick and a flat board to stand on instead of a boat. SUP has exploded in popularity, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. The board is large enough to balance comfortably while still making your body work to maintain your stability. You can go for long, all day, excursions or just rent a board and paddle from one of the many local companies and head out with friends for a few hours.

SUP was first made popular in Hawaii (go figure) as a way for instructors to work with beginner surfers. Standing on the board gives you a better view point to see where the students are and to see specific waves coming in (compared to a canoe or kayak where you have to remain seated).

A standup paddleboard is lighter than a kayak and easier to store (since it is just a flat board and a paddle). It also has no moving parts making it simpler than windsurfing. It is also much cheaper than sailing and kite-surfing while still giving you physical benefits and allows you to really enjoy your surroundings. Weather it be surf, river or lake, SUP is a great way to introduce water-sports into your life and enjoy the nature around you!! Just remember to have a life jacket at all times and have the leash attached to your ankle for safety! Check out Urban Surf’s website for more information, classes, or weekly meet-ups with like minded enthusiast and we will see you on the water!!