Day: December 29, 2010

Aqualogix – the Evolution of Physical Fitness

A few months ago I had the pleasure of working with an amazing trainer names Gavin Macmillan. One of the many things he taught me was the Aqualogix aquatic workout. At first glanced I was unimpressed as I watched a handful of athletes grunt and splash around in the shallow end of the pool. Out of respect I stifled my disinterest and dropped into the water. After strapping on a set of resistance fins and taking hold of a plastic pair of hand bells I started the workout. My eyes went wide as I pushed as hard as I could through the water in the first set of movements. I couldn’t believe the sensation of having flowing and constant resistance everywhere I moved my body. I was working hard but the flowing nature of the movements seemed to stretch me out at the same time as I tried to blast through the water. The most amazing part of the experience is that even though it was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done I came out invigorated and energetic. In a mere thirty minutes I was a believer.

Aqualogix is the next step in the evolution of physical fitness. Using patented fins and bells this aquatic workout strengthens, stretches and heals the body with natural flowing motions. Forget everything you know about strength training because the usual rules don’t apply.

Omniresistant means resistance in all directions. In an Aqualogix workout everywhere you move there is a constant flow of resistance. This allows for flowing natural motions that mimic actions of everyday life. The body was meant to move in all planes of motion. Conventional strength training is linear in nature and forces the body to compress under load and move in a robotic fashion. With Aqualogix push, pull, rotate and jump in any direction against the resistance of the water. Work every muscle in the body in this amazing aquatic routine.

Water is what to refered as an Isokenetic Isokenetic is a resistance that only resists against you as hard as you push against it. No matter if you are a child, senior citizen, or professional athlete the water will apply the appropriate amount of force to give a safe and challenging workout. Post rehab patients can ease into their motions while seasoned athletes can power through one of the hardest workouts of their life. With the ever-increasing resistance of the water you will never outgrow an Aqualogix workout.

Lengthen and Strengthen
In addition the buoyancy of the water carries past your usual range of motion in a safe and flowing manner. Tight hamstrings? Try a few leg swings in the water and feel your leg float beyond a height and range you thought possible. Do you have tight shoulders and chronic aching neck? Try one of the many flowing shoulder movements of an aqualogix workout. You will feel your muscles stretch out and relax as they sail through the water. This not only heals the damaged tissue but strengthens the muscles at the same time. Gain flexibility and get stronger at the same time.

Sports Specific
Do you want to improve your squash serve? Just swing your arm as you would on the court and develop true Functional Strength. The nervous system will adjust to the added resistance of the water and slice through the air next time you are on the court.

Are you a long distance runner trying to cut down your mile time? Power through the water in your natural running stride. The buoyancy of the water gives you time to perfect your stride and the resistance ramps up your ability to accelerate with poise and power.
Non Impact Cardio

Many activities such as running can be detrimental to your joints. With aqualogix you can run and jump with more height and intensity then on the ground with a mere fraction of the impact. This not only allows you to work harder and burn more calories without beating up your joints. No pain no gain does not apply here. After a typical Aqualogix conditioning workout prepare to work harder than you ever have before but come out full of energy and vigor.

After months of planning and wating Aqualogix is now here at the club. Classes and one on one sessions are ready to jump into. If you have any questions or would like to give Aqualogix a try feel free to contact me.

Curt Ligot
206-443-1111 ext. 284